A Guide To Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Restaurant

A Guide To Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Restaurant

When opening or updating your restaurant, it is important to know the right equipment to get. Whether you are going for a tapas place or a high-end restaurant, you need to buy the proper equipment to ensure that not only your customers are being served with the proper equipment, but also that your kitchen and waiting staff have all they need to provide proper service. At Elegant Restaurant Equipment, you’ll find all the restaurant supplies and commercial kitchen equipment. In today’s blog, we have put together a guide that will help you choose the right equipment for your restaurant, so your team is set up for success!

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Define What Your Food and Style You Are Going to Be

One of the main issues we see in the restaurant industry is places either trying to do everything at once or that don’t have a defined style for their food and service. Are you serving burgers and hotdogs with silver cutlery and silk napkins? You might have a conflict between style and food. You should initially understand what your demographic is and what kind of food you want to be offering your customers — don’t show something to later provide something else.

Example: If you are going for the burger and hotdog combo, consider more of a rustic look with metal trays and aluminum ramekins for your sauces — don’t worry, you can keep the cloth napkins, just don’t go overboard with them!

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Set up a Solid Budget and Start Playing With Your Options

Having a budget is extremely important to avoid overspending your money. We know how attractive it can be to go into our restaurant supply store in New York and want to buy everything in sight.

Once you have a solid budget, it’s time to determine the importance of the kitchen and restaurant equipment you’ll be getting. In matters of the food and kitchen, focus on the best equipment possible for the things you are going to be using the most — if you are going for a Steakhouse concept, then a solid commercial grill would be your highest priority. The same goes for front-of-the-house equipment. If you are offering bar food and beer at your restaurant, you don’t need to buy designer chairs and tables as it can confuse your customers into thinking that your restaurant is a high-end establishment.

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Keep Things Simple

A digital $50,000 fryer, with touch display, and automatic baskets sounds like a fun and fancy piece of kitchen equipment, but you probably don’t need it. Many new restaurants are dead on arrival because whoever decides to manage the equipment budget tries to get the latest technology, and has a starship-like kitchen and bar area — sometimes, the simplest equipment can make your food even better because your kitchen staff is more involved in making the food.

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Work With a Team of Experts That Will Help You

One thing that you can always benefit from is having an expert opinion from people who have been in the industry for years — that’s where Elegant Restaurant Equipment comes in! When you work with our team at our restaurant supply store in New York, you can rest assured that you are getting the best input and services to help you succeed!

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If you are looking to open a new restaurant or want to rebrand your current establishment, you should consider working with people who know what to do when it comes to kitchen and restaurant equipment. The team at Elegant Restaurant Equipment is here to help you and give you the pointers you need to get the right equipment for your restaurant. Contact us today to learn more about our services and visit us to get all the equipment you need!